Why do time management courses exist?

Think Productive UK Jiten Patel

I recently came across an article stating internets biggest distraction is Facebook. To many this won’t come as a surprise and a lot will add Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Iphone apps and more to this list.

Time management courses are simple they analyse where your time is going and make sure the things your doing are working towards completing a task! We all come to a point in the week where we wish we had more hours in a day, an impossible feat. A time management course helps you to implement a structure/system so you have a greater understanding of what needs to be done and when, helping to create extra minutes in the day to do those “other” tasks which you end up pushing to the next day.

Often people say the problem for them not being able to get things done is ‘time management’ but actually it’s project, action, attention and habit management that are the real factors stopping them from reaching their goals, and a time management course looks into exactly these things.

Why wouldn’t you just read a time management book I hear you say? We would recommend you do read these books and there are some very good books on the top sellers list, our personal favourite is Getting Things Done by David Allen, a very insightful book with excellent tips.

However a time management workshop will be tailored to match your needs, something a book just can’t do. A time management course will help you implement these systems to your personal needs, for example in our “Getting Your Inbox to Zero” workshop we help get our participants inboxes to zero so when they leave the workshop they not only understand the system and why to use it, but MOST importantly how to use it to help them!

Time management workshop / time management course what can they help with?
• How to get things done
• How to keep motivated
• How to set and achieve your goals in life
• How to plan and work in a systematic manner so you’re not doing everything at the last minute and risking missing deadlines or delivering rushed, shoddy work
• How to reduce stress by feeling organized and on top of your workload
• How to avoid procrastination and avoidance
• How to get all you need to get done in your 9 to 5 job so you can leave work on time and have a better family life
• How to deal with distractions
• How to manage very large projects effortlessly
• Improve your health by reducing stress and allowing more time in the day for exercise

If you feel you are in need of some extra time management help check out our In-house workshops and Public workshop pages.

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