The Productivity Ninja’s Guide to Human, not Superhero

Redefining how we do our best human work

Old School Productivity thinking was all about efficiency and squeezing as much as we could out of our time (and ourselves). But when it comes to human work, squeezing out every last drop of efficiency often squeezes out the things we humans do best – our creativity, compassion, openness to opportunity, and capacity for collaboration and change.

To unlock sustainable human productivity, wellbeing needs to take centre stage. And then we can step back and ask ourselves, what does “good work” even look like?

During this interactive keynote, we’ll share insights, ideas and practical tips on how we as humans do our best work – in a way that does us good, as well as the good we’re doing out there in the world.

We’ll explore the common sources behind work-related stress and strategies to reduce it. And your people will have the space and flexibility to delve deeper together into particular problems or opportunity areas they may want to zoom into, like team communication, how your organization culture handles “mistakes” or building psychological safety.

If you understand the business case for wellbeing and want to keep weaving it into your culture as a core thread that runs through the day-to-day work of your people, then this is the session for you.


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